About Us

Mailspect is the email security and archiving brand of RAE Internet Inc., Dobbs Ferry, New York.   The Mailspect product suite was launched in 2005 as a Control Panel for Open Source antispam and antivirus scanning engines such as Clamd and Spamassassin.  Mailspect Defense offered easy-to-use configuration and update tools and an integrated Quaratine Solution and Mail Filter.  Subsequently, the Control Panel has expanded to include the commercial scanning engine from Cloudmark Authority, and built-in content filers and reputation engines.

Today, Mailspect Defense includes more than 200+ configuration, update, monitoring and integration ‘function points’ in a multilayered email security suite.  All of these features are customer-driven and represent years of interaction with the most demanding email administrators and CIO’s at Internet Service Providers, governments, schools and businesses.

In 2008, Mailspect launched an integrated Archive module.  In 2010, Email Stream Management was released, a scripting language used to implement email routing, tracking, scoring and integration with relational databases.  2011 saw the launch of Match My Email for Salesforce.com, a cloud email integration service.

Mailspect Defense is sold through a global network of distributors and value-added resellers.  These international partners customize and translate the product for local markets.  Most of Mailspect’s customers are highly sophisticated email administrators with a deep Linux background, though the system in ‘basic mode’ is suited for small and medium-sized enterprises.    Many of Mailspect’s customers are Internet Service Providers or managed service providers who offer private label Mail Filtering services.

The management team of RAE Internet Inc. is Paul Sterne, President; Serhiy Fyrin, Software Developer; Ovidiu Bivolaru, Head of Support and Operations; and Simone Duncan, Head of Sales Administration.  Mailspect was founded by Michael Katz, a former executive at Cisco Systems.